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Export Model Weighbridge

Export Model Weighbridge

The Export Model Weighbridge offers a compact and portable weighing solution ideal for businesses requiring quick and easy installation. Featuring self-contained construction and heavy-duty checkered deck plates, this weighbridge ensures minimal installation costs and reliable performance. Its dual-link suspension system and easy transportation design make it a versatile choice for various weighing applications.

Specification Available Range
Capacity 50T, 60 T
Pit Design Pit Type, Pit Less
Indicator Design TFT, IT SW, IT 300 /400/500, Mini IT
Indicator Type Digital, Analog
Loadcell Design QSWT, Regular, Ball Type, Comprhensive
Loadcell Type Digital, Analog
JB Box Type Digital, Analog
Software (Optional) Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, UnManned Weighing

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