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Conveyor Belt System

Conveyor Belt System

The conveyor belt is used in Industrial applications that need a transfer of bulk material continuously in a cost-effective and efficient manner. To measure the flow and total weight of material transferred over the belt without interrupting the transfer process; a suitable weighing mechanism is integrated into the conveyor system. This conveyor weighing system (also known as belt weigher) consists of a weighing frame, load cells, speed sensors and a weighing indicator. Conveyor weighing systems find their utility in various Industries like mining, cement, stone crushers, foundries, fertilizers, food processing, waste management and many more. Digi Weigh Pvt Ltd provides stop solution for all your needs of conveyor weighing

Parameter Specification
Microprocessor 32 Bit ARM
Clock 120 MHz
A/D converter Sigma Delta Type with 24 bits resolution delivering 50 samples per second
Conversion speed 50 Hz
Excitation 5V @ 300mA (up to eight loadcells of 480 ohms each)
Signal/Unit weight 1 micro volt to 3 micro volts per unit weight
Display 16 character by 2 line LCD display for load in Kg/m, Speed in m/min, Rate in tons/hr, Totaliser in tons
Keyboard 4 Key front panel keyboard
Input Digital input for connecting pulse input for beltspeed from DC tachometer
Output Serial port RS-232C port for computer interface or remote display interface
Indication Buzzer for fault indication and data entry
Power supply SMPS with EMI/RFI filter and Spike suppresser (Industrial Grade - EN61326)
Input Voltage 90 V - 270 V AC @ 50Hz/ 60Hz
RFI/EMI Filter For input power protection
Spike suppressor For input transients, Fuse 2.5A for AC power input
Power consumption 10 VA
Environment Operating temp : 0° to 55°C, Humidity : up to 95% RH non condensing
Mechanical Dimensions Case size : 245 x 315 x 156 (W x H x D) mm, Weight : 15 Kg (approx), Enclosure type: Wall mount sheet metal housing (Industrial Grade - IP66)