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Weighbridge Software

Unmanned Weighing Software

Weighing automation is the future of weighing operations. Industries worldwide rely on accurate measurements of materials throughout the supply chain, making human dependence risky. Digi Weigh Software Solutions addresses all the challenges posed by traditional weighing systems, offering a safer and more reliable solution.

What is unmanned weighing?

Weighing automation is the future of weighing operations. Industries across the globe require weighing to measure materials across all the phases of the supply chain, which makes human reliance and dependency very dangerous. Digi Weigh Software Solutions is here to solve all the problems created by the traditional weighment systems.

Problems with Traditional Weighing Systems
  • Manpower costs: Sites that run 24/7 operations require multiple weighbridge operators. The wages of the operators and the supervisors are a significant cost to the organization.
  • Delay in operations: Manpower-dependent operations always experience delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Errors in data capturing: Intentional or unintentional errors in the data capturing can cause significant discrepancies and issues moving ahead in the supply chain operations.
  • Difficulty in supervision and reporting: Manually captured data can lead to high chances of errors, which are difficult to fix later. Manually prepared reports are time-consuming and inaccurate due to the inaccurate data.

Advantages of Automation
  • Reduce human dependency
  • Smoother and faster operations
  • Aligns with your Industry 4.0 objectives
  • Safer and more secure weighment processes
  • Simplified automated reporting
  • Eliminate all manpower-associated costs

How does an unmanned system work?
Phase 1: Authorization

This fail-safe method ensures that only authorized trucks are entering the premises. Only after the data is captured from the RFID or the ANPR system, does the boom barrier open, and the truck enters the weighbridge.

Phase 2: Positioning

Mispositioned trucks do not give accurate weighment. This would cause the wrong data to be stored and affect the rest of the supply chain processes. Our Unmanned System utilizes position sensors to ensure that every single truck weighment is accurate.

Phase 3: Weighment

CCTV/IP cameras are present to enhance security and safety. The system automatically captures various images of the truck and stores them along with the weighment data. After all the data is stored on the system, the barriers open and the truck is allowed to leave.

Phase 4: Transaction completion

After the gross/tare weights are measured, automated text alerts/email alerts are shared with all relevant personnel. All the information, including the photos of the truck, are ready to view on all platforms: the software, the cloud server, or the ERP platform.

Hardware Components
  • Control panel
  • RFID Reader/ANPR Camera
  • IP Camera
  • Position sensors
  • Barricades
  • Traffic lights
  • Jumbo display
  • Announcement system

Software Components
Digi Weigh – Weighbridge data management software

This enterprise-focused weighbridge management software is suitable for any organization which requires accuracy, visibility, and traceability in its operations. Digi Weigh allows companies to automate their entire weighbridge operation to achieve the same.

Automation software

This is a state-of-the-art automation software devised by our team to ensure that all the various hardware components work seamlessly with one another. The complete automation system allows for every individual hardware to work in tandem and provide a complete weighing experience without any human intervention.

Cloud server integration (Optional)

Digi Weigh on Cloud is the perfect solution for anyone operating remotely. If you are managing multiple weighbridges across various sites, this is the easiest way to consolidate all data on a single platform and view it from any browser. Get real-time data updates on your mobile, tablet, or PC.

ERP Integration

Digi Weigh ERP integration allows for simplified workflow management, whilst eliminating the risk of inaccurate data entries. Integrate all your weighbridge operations with any ERP system, including Tally. Implement smart contract management with the help of our ERP integration, and take your organization towards Industry 4.0.

Gate management integration

Large organizations need to ensure security at their premises. Integrate Digi Weigh with your gate management system to better manage, control, and monitor all of your vehicle gate logs. Contact us to know more about our complete Gate management and Warehouse management system.